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Disturbing events in France. This is the thirtieth incident of its kind this year.

Nîmes, France (AFP) A teen whose birthday was Thursday went to his Nîmes high school, pulled a sandwich with fries, mashed potatoes and haggis from his backpack and began to eat it, authorities said.

Two colleagues vomited and taken by ambulance from the Ecole Felibrige, police announced.

Marcel Esquirol, Nîmes chief of police, says that the troubled teenager is already arrested. ”The police is en train of disposing of the disgusting sandwich” he added. ”We are actively searching the backpack of the teen, his kitchen home, and are searching his laptop and phone for similar troubling recipes”.

The arrested teenager almost ate a first sandwich and chocked on a second one.

Authorities said they are looking into biographical information on the suspected eater’s social media account that was taken down after the event.

“With a heavy heart, we’re going to move on with the investigation and figure out what went wrong,” the police spokesman said. “Nîmes is famous for its the brandade de morue, the tapenade, the pélardon cheese. It tarnishes our name us all throughout the nation — something that we’re going to have to figure out.”

The assembling of the sandwich began before classes started, officials said.

Teams of psychologists and cooks were sent to confort the students.

“He simply took the sandwich out of the bag, you could see the fries inside, and the mashed potatoes, et il s’est mis a rouméguer, and he straight away began munching, munch, munch munch” a girl said after leaving the building.

“We were texting all our friends and making sure they were safe. They said they were hiding and they were scared. It scared us because they’re our friends and we didn’t want anybody see a sandwich with fries and mashed potatoes and then retch his mind out.”

Another student, Pascal Peiresc, told AFP he was waiting for a bell to ring to signal his first class when he smelled the sandwich.

“Everyone smelled the fries and the mashed potatoes, and it got really quiet. Je l’ai vu embuquer le sandouitche, et tarladiou ! then two more munches, and then everyone just ran out of the school,” said Pascal, who added that he ran across a street to someone’s house until someone came to pick him up.

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